Insanity rising

the beginning

(ooc: this blog is not on the same time line as the other one, everything is thought and is intentionally hard to read.)

what the hell happened? that guy he did something god I am hungry smells good from over there Very good..*lost in feeding* What did you do?! yes sister. no,,it wasn't me it was you I was possessed and you did it I did nothing, you did everything not true not true at all, I loved her, she was everything go away GO AWAY I like it here, I am staying, besides,, I am you anyway no you are not I know who I am and you are not any part of me yes I am, I have always been here just like you have, thats because we are one you and I I am not listening you will go away do as you please it will change nothing

22.12.10 22:58


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