Insanity rising

the beginning

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what the hell happened? that guy he did something god I am hungry smells good from over there Very good..*lost in feeding* What did you do?! yes sister. no,,it wasn't me it was you I was possessed and you did it I did nothing, you did everything not true not true at all, I loved her, she was everything go away GO AWAY I like it here, I am staying, besides,, I am you anyway no you are not I know who I am and you are not any part of me yes I am, I have always been here just like you have, thats because we are one you and I I am not listening you will go away do as you please it will change nothing

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Before Lamar (yakumo)

Journal entry 1

(ooc this is a first, if you find anything wrong, that affects a plot (including what ever ones that only reach this place) do tell plz

Again.. it's happened again..I have been betrayed AGAIN

because of that, I now stand accused of unsanctioned killing.

the bastard told me it was cleared by the prince..I was an idiot not to go to the hearing, but I had accepted an errand that ran late, so I didn't really have a choice..and now I know why.

I got the message from him, my betrayer whom I will never name in this journal, early in the evening, just after getting up. He wanted me to go pick up a package, it sounded simple enough...things never really are.

he gave me an adress on the other side of town, I hardly ever went past the clan border before so, most of the city was unknown to me, and of course I got quite lost on the way.

When I arrived at the adress it was false.. as in it existed, but was nothing but barren land, no structures or hidden entrances, of course I knew something was wrong then..but not how wrong.

so, what do you do when the adress you are given is wrong? you call the person who gave it to you..and that's what I did. He apologized and gave me a new one, that one proved to be one with something built on it. not that it got rid of the problem really.

When I arrived, the guy I was supposed to meet was..not there anymore, probably because I was more than two hours late, that is.. if he had existed at all.

I called up my..friend.. and told him what was what, and he told me I was forgiven because he had messed things up to begin with, then he told me they had decided to push the meeting forward by 1 hr because the prince was a busy man after all.

I told him I wouldn't be able to make it there in time, and asked him to present my case before the assembly and he said he would. Now I know I should present my own cases, there is even a rule that states you have to.. at least it was so in this city, but I was VERY angry with the person I wanted dead, and I hoped for an exception.

who knows maybe he too was in on it..and was also set up, that however, is none of my concern.

Later that evening I was visited and told that I had been granted the exception in presented case and given all clear, but only if I did the deed with my own hands.

I did find the request odd, but paid it no mind as I was too eager to get the business finished.

I will not talk about the act, this is moot, it is done, and that is that.

next evening I am told that I am wanted for questioning by the prince.

needless to say, I was surprised by the news, but I went along with it.

when I got there I was told I had made an unsanctioned kill, I was shocked and not a little angry.

I cast out the accusation of betrayal at my now ex-friend and asked to present my case, my betrayer of course denied the accusation, and used his higher standing to block a hearing.

I was lucky it's not a blood hunt..I can still escape.

I am going to somewhere I have never heard of..a city in america..Lamar

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